Coolhouse would not have been possible without the hard work, energy, and support of countless people.

Thank you to the investors that took a chance on us and gave us the resources we needed to make Coolhouse possible

Thank to the 77 mentors who selflessly gave their time and energy to our companies.

Thank you to Molly, Roneesh, Jake, Christin, Tory, Blake, Chris, Clune, Will, Jose, Chip, Drew, Elise, Liz, Amanda, Carly, Cooper, Grant, Jackson, John, Mike, and Tyler for joining our team over the past three years and giving everything you have to help our companies. 

Thank You Lenny, Kevin, Scott, Peter, Gregg, Greg, Russell, and Ron for answering our calls and for calling us out when we were doing something wrong.

And lastly, thank you to the founders who took as much a chance on us as we did on them.

It was a great run.