Telling a story - whether it is for your business or personal - with video takes more than shooting great video, you need professional editing to help craft the story. The challenge, video editing is expensive and not accessible to most people. DreamItReel was built to solve this problem, by providing low cost video editing as a service for as low as $150. 

They've built a global network of distributed editors who are on call 24/7 to edit your raw video footage into a beautifully crafted video that is ready to share with the world. Since launched they've done everything to editing wedding videos to working with large corporates such as Getty and Yahoo! 

Founders: Ravid Razak and Tommy Tranfaglia


50% of college students never graduate, and a leading indicator on whether or not student is likely to drop out is peer engagement in and outside of the classroom. The challenge for Universitys and Colleges is how do you identify students who are at risk of dropping out before it is too late?

Fletch decided to tackle the problem by building an all in one mobile-first platform that gives students the ability to connect with each other in real time about their classwork. They can get quick answers to tough problems, share notes, and organize study groups. On the back end, Fletch is providing analytics to Universities on peer engagement. The mission is simple, give students the tools to connect with each other and give universities a platform to make sure they can get resources to students that need them to keep them enrolled.

Founder: Marc Burton



Nomsy is on a mission to build a community based platform that empowers customized food discovery centered around the way you live. This pintrest like platform was built to connect people around their specific lifestyles whether that is gluten-free, local, vegan (or all three). Nomsy’s platform sorts through social, restaurant, menu, recipe, and media data to help highly motivated and specific audiences find places to eat when they are out, and find recipes that match their lifestyle. 

Founders: Robert Greenfield, Evan Leung, and Julian Turley


If you want to build the largest and most powerful media company in the world from scratch, you would build a mobile video platform. Mobile video is the next frontier, and to some estimates is a $500 billion market in the US and Europe alone. Vervid has built a platform to do just that, specifically designed for how mobile users use their device — vertically. The mobile-first app allows anyone to easily shoot and edit content and discover engaging high-resolution fullscreen mobile video. Our media consumption is evolving and our phones are our first and primary screen. Vervid is on the cutting edge of that trend and are launced on iOS in July.