Fountain has set out to reimagine the way we send gifts and greetings. They are pushing the boundaries by creatively mixing old school practices with new school tech. With fountain you can easily send a hand written note or curated gift box to anyone in the world in just a few clicks. They are aggressively pursuing the B2B market with the goal of being the all in one destination for corporate gifting.

Kunal and Tom are building their business old school and bootstrapping their way towards growth in 2016.

Founders: Kunal Sheth and Thomas McKay


JobHero is on a mission to help job seekers find the perfect job. No more spreadsheets, no more to do lists, and using email as your tracking system. JobHero has built a dashboard that allows job seekers to search multiple job boards at the same time, empowers users to curate job postings from anywhere on the internet, and guides them through a carefully crafted process to go from job posting to job offer. 

They are primed for big things in 2016 with some big time strategic partnerships and new product offerings coming online.

Founders: Sherveen Mashayekhi, Stefan Mancevski, and Jerry Reptak


Rex is a Saas platform working with the giants of the global health industry to help bring animal health data into the 21st century. Rex has developed a suite of bioinformatics tools for the animal health and agriculture industries to predict, prevent, and precisely manage disease. They do this by aggregating istoric and realtime data across varied settings - from production lots, veterinary clinics, and other partners - to generate a comprehensive view of animal health on an individual and population scale.

Founders: Amado Guloy and Haven Moore


Pressed has a simple mission. To help people set at keep their goals. Currently in beta on iPhone, Pressed uses proven scientific methods to help people manage their time, set goals, and create lasting healthy habits.

Founder: Damian Palmer (Inactive)

Alex and Rob set out to bring the sharing economy to that pile of outdoor gear sitting in the back of your closet. The idea was simple, outdoor gear is expensive and you rarely use it, so why don't you make some extra cash by renting it out. They also developed partnerships with gear makers to allow their users to demo gear before they buy it. They challenge was that they could not ramp up listings and orders fast enough given the cyclical nature of outdoor experiences. 

Rob and Alex are on to their next company KloudView - the Mint for businesses to manage their online services.

Founders: Rob Auston and Alex McClary

LeaseMaid (Inactive)

LeaseMaid was a star of our 2014 program. They were building a platform to help rental managment companies better manage the leasing process. They raised a seed faster than any company we've ever worked with, and were weeks away from rolling out their full product  suite when Founder and CEO Nate Kroll passed away suddenly. His loss was shocking for the Coolhouse community. His energy, passion, and drive were an inspiration to all of us, we miss him dearly. 

Founder: Nate Kroll

BlueMed (Inactive)

BlueMed was an automated patient intake system that collects patient demographics, patient history, insurance eligibility/benefits and vitals using sensors and branched questionnaires.  They were raising a round on strong revenue numbers, when the Canadian government required them to return to Canada and finish their Medical training.

Founders: Hashem Dujali and Gary Guo

LocalFu (Inactive)

Localfu was a creative platform that connected travelers with locals who would help them plan their trip to get the full local experience. The challenge was they could never demonstrate the value proposition to travelers to get them to change their behavior around how they planned their trips. Localfu was the brainchild of Roger Graham who has gone on to found two other companies including - Flip

Founders: Roger Graham and Ted Brooks