TRNK was founded by two extremely talented entrepreneurs who earned their stripes working for iconic brands like Armani and JCrew, as well as e-commerce startups like Gilt. Until they ran into a problem while shopping for their home. There was no place online that they felt reflected the values and style that spoke to a new generation of consumers.

So they set out to change the way we shop for our home, by combining content and commerce into one destination. TRNK is radically focused on curating high quality home goods that they know will look great in your home, while creating content that will help give their customers the context and confidence they need to make that investment. They have worked tirelessly over the last three years building their brand and customer base, and are starting to see the fruits of their hard work pay off with 30% month over month growth over the past year.

We are excited to continue to help TRNK grow and take on the world of frilly pillows and floral prints.

Founders: Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek

Project Travel

Project Travel is a platform that will power the next generation of educational travelers. They provide powerful tools for students to help find and apply to study abroad programs, and they've built a back end SaaS platform to help the International Education community find and attract students.

Sam and Jen the founders of Project Travel are dynamic, hard working, and most importantly relentless. They know how to constantly move things forward. Their company has dramatically evolved since they started with us at Coolhouse Labs three years ago. Since then they have gone to crowdfunding platform on to build a SaaS product that will truly change their industry. 

They have gone on to raise two rounds of funding, build that product, and sign on customers across the globe. 

Founders: Sam Martin and Jen Thomas


Lorious (Inactive)

The idea behind Lorious was simple, on-demand video based consulting services on the internet. You could connect with an expert at any time to help you solve a problem. The problem they had - like many two-sided marketplaces - is that they couldn't convince consultants to come on board prior to demand for their services. However, this team will no doubt do great things in whatever they do in the future. 

Founders: Henry Hund and Ran Tan

Every Last Morsel (Inactive)

An awesome concept with massive potential, however they couldn't get off the ground fast enough. Their goal was simple, lets combine every back yard garden into a community marketplace for locally grown food. 

Founders: Todd Jones and Emma Zimmerman

Novi Times (Inactive)

Novi Times was a team that came to us all the way from Taiwan. They had built an AI powered news platform that suggested news streams for you to follow based on your interests, and updated you as new and relevant developments emerged.  Novi launched with great success, but they couldn't find a way to build a user base beyond their initial app store growth.

Founders: Noah Yeh, Inggrid Yonata, Yao-Chuan Wu